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With energy costs constantly on the rise, now is a great time to schedule new ceiling fan Installation for your home or office. A ceiling fan is a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to cool down your space. And at ZZ Electric, LLC, you’ll always receive quality ceiling fan installation for homes and businesses alike. Whether you’re looking for a new fan for a single room or want to outfit an entire building with fans, you can trust ZZ Electric. 


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At ZZ Electric, LLC, you can choose from a wide range of ceiling fan styles to suit your budget and taste. From over-sized fans to standard units, choose the model that’s best for you. Providing complete professionalism in all that they do; ZZ Electric, LLC pledges to leave your space looking neat and tidy after installation work is complete.

Invest in your comfort with ceiling fan installation from the ZZ Electric, LLC. Call today in Medord, Phoenix, Talent, Central Point, Jacksonville and surrounding areas for more information about the services and products we offer.

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With Lutron you don’t need to buy smart bulbs to enjoy smart lighting. Find out more about what ZZ Electric can do with Lutron to help you save money.


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Ceiling Fan Installation Benefits

You will enjoy a cool breeze in summer and a warm current of air all winter. When the air is moving it actually feels more comfortable especially in the hotter months. Having ceiling fans throughout your home helps the air to circulate in every part of your home.

The new fans have better technology that gives extra lighting with digital lighting and the fans are designed to get more air movement at lower speeds. All this and reducing the length of time that air conditioning units are used are much better for the environment.

Fan Direction

So you have had fan installation throughout your home. Did you know that each fan has a switch on them that allows the direction that the blades turn? In the summer and warmer months you can blow the air down so that you feel the air. When you feel moving air it makes you feel cooler than the actual temperature. Then when the cooler weather hits you probably would feel warmer not having air blowing on you and you can again change the direction to pull the air up. This still distributes the air and helps it circulate through every part of your home.

If you haven’t had a new fan installed in some of your rooms of your home and you want the comfort advantages and the energy savings from running the heat and air conditioning less, call the fan installation experts at ZZ Electric, LLC.