Generator – Generating 7 electric reasons why you should have power on hand.




  • Generate power for natural disasters.

Some areas of the country have natural disasters that are common. The west coast experiences wildfires and extreme cold. Some areas in the midwest have large tornadoes and flash flooding. Hurricanes are notorious for taking over the southeastern part of our country. When a natural disaster strikes you could expect a power shortage. Having a generator on hand and ready to go will give you electricity for keeping you out of the dark.

  • Create power for essential appliances.

Occasionally the power of your home shuts off. When a tree branch takes out a power line for example, everyone loses power in the neighborhood including you. Now your icecream is melting and the food you bought will be potentially spoiled. A smart way to keep your refrigerator going is by having a backup power supply. Start that generator up outside and run an extension cord. Most generators can run all the appliances in your house.

  • Provide power to areas outside your home.

You may find yourself needing a generator when you have projects that need to be done around the property. You could buy a lot of extension cords and try to get power from the house to your destination, but some have larger properties that wouldn’t make that possible. Use a generator that can be right there where you need it. Those power tools will need an energy source to rely on. Having a portable generator will allow you to use and transport the power wherever you need.

  • Backup power for the house.

A standby generator is a permanent power source that is built on your property. Think of it as a battery that you fill and use when you want. The size and kind of backup generator may vary. ZZ Electrical LLC. has experience in the Southern Oregon area building and maintaining standby generators. They can give you great advice and helpful insights to prepare you for making the right decisions.  

  • Power a sump pump and well.

Living outside of the city limits can have certain disadvantages for not having backup power. No one wants the sump pump to quit working. That calls for a stinky disaster. Using a generator can keep the pump going and your nose happy.

  • Work and play

Work outside? Go camping much? How about hunting? Another reason for a portable generator is to provide you power where there is no power source. Even if you camp or travel without having to use a portable generator it would still be a great idea to have one on hand. Generators can be powered by solar panels, but most run on either gas, diesel, or propane. 

  • Your electrical medical devices can never skip a beat.

Maybe you are a caregiver or you are being cared for. At what cost could you afford to have something important lose power? Certain medical devices rely strongly on electricity to help a human being live. Hospitals are designed to have a large backup generator built onsite. Why not have one for you?

An electric company experienced Southern Oregon is here to help you with all your generator related questions. Let them see if you could benefit from an in home generator to help keep you going when the power shuts off.

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